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About Us

In 1934, Dr. Suskin and Yosef Levi came up with the idea of establishing a Jewish town north of Akko.

The idea quickly developed, thanks to the diligence of a group of Jews throughout Germany, and in 1935 the town of Nahariya, which would eventually become a vacation town, was founded.

At the end of the 1930s, as part of the move to encourage buying plots of land, Dr. Eloise Shtarkman purchased land near the sea for a price equivalent to three months’ salary in those days. The plot stood empty until the end of the 1950s when Charlotta Shtarkman and her twin sister Erna built two houses on the plot for two families to live in.

Dr. Shtarkman traveled to the United States along with his wife and son Miki. In those days Nahariya developed and became a bustling young tourist city. Erna who stayed in Israel began to run the houses as the “Erna Boarding House” for hosting vacationers. Eloise could not imagine what Erna would eventually make of his house. It would be a change that would be the primary source of income for the Shtarkman family for generations.

When the family returned from the U.S., the structure was renovated and its name was changed to “Erna House”.

Erna along with her twin sister Charlotta ran the establishment. A number of years afterward Charlotta passed away and 20-year old Miki took the task of administration upon himself, brought a “youthful spirit” to the place and invested all his energy into it.

Miki’s unique personality, his sense of humor and his belief that “man is fundamentally good” earned him many visitors every year – tourists from the country and abroad, businesspeople, sports teams as well as friends and family who always found a warm and pleasant place in the hotel.

Furthermore, the hotel will always be remembered as the official residence of the UN personnel who visited Nahariya during those years and even returned and stayed there every time they came back to the area.

In 1982, Miki married hana. Erna passed away immediately afterward. The two of them pushed the project of their lives forward and it quickly became a unique family hotel – Erna Hotel.

In the hotel they raised a model family, 4 girls who are the third generation to the founders, who learned over the years how to preserve the old hotel’s magic. The girls learned how to give international level service, correct and efficient marketing, uncompromising maintenance, aesthetics, cleanliness and a hearty and warm attitude to anyone who comes through the hotel doors.

Throughout the generations, Erna Hotel stands strong thanks to the fact that it started from the home and family.